About Us

dti Publishing brings Technology Enhanced Learning to new heights. Our approach to online learning is focused on providing more innovative, more interactive, more engaging, and therefore, more relevant solutions for our partners. We not only harness the computing power and bandwidth currently available to optimize our user’s learning experience; additionally, we ensure that the unique strength of the medium is leveraged to the learner’s fullest advantage. It is no longer sufficient to offer students “digitized books” – it’s time for the digital revolution to hit the classroom; all the classrooms!

With the LabConnection virtual labs and CertBlaster test preparation suite, dti Publishing is helping publishers and learning institutions alike deliver the very best of interactive learning activities, exercises, and assessments. When combined with the high-quality products of our publishing partners, these solutions provide the best learning results in our industry. As one of our partners states, “dti Publishing makes our products come alive”.

Where CertBlaster offers exam simulations and LabConnection offers lab simulations, IT_LabWorks offers a simulated corporation that the student “works” in. It is flipping the curriculum as a digital-first solution that puts the student at the center of the learning cycle. IT_LabWorks is a standards-based digital curriculum. With its own virtual world and student-driven study path, IT_LabWorks changes how IT education and training is delivered in and out of the classroom.

COMING SOON! LabHUB is so new it isn’t released yet. Stay tuned as although it has been in development for a long time, release 1.0 will happen this year. The LabHUB framework is an Internet hosting service for the development of hands-on labs. It is a collaborative platform where whoever needs to be involved in building a lab can make their contribution without duplication of efforts. LabHUB lives in the cloud and provides the distributed version control of lab development plus access control, bug tracking, software feature requests, task management, quality assurance, ADA accessibility, integration, and wikis for every project. To learn more about LabHUB click here.

All our solutions are SaaS and delivered as individual access codes or as Enterprise Licenses or any combination of these.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, dti Publishing is today one of the leading educational software companies, delivering tens of thousands of software licenses annually. All dti Publishing’s employees share our commitment to enhancing the student’s engagement, interest, and therefore their learning experience and retention. In other words: We help people learn faster and better.