dti Publishing Announces Beta Release Launch of LabHUB™ Framework

LabHUB™ EdTech experts ramp up for cloud distribution version control.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – March 11, 2024 – dti Publishing, maker of lab simulations, today announced the beta release of its LabHUB™ framework, an Internet hosting service for hands-on virtual lab software development. The collaborative platform makes it possible for participants, such as instructors of information technology (IT) courses, to set up software development and other types of technology labs without needing to know how to code. The beta version will offer access control for select third party authors.

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“LabHUB™ is a collaborative platform where whoever needs to be involved in building a lab can make their contribution,” said Pierre Askmo, CEO of dti Publishing. “We’re very excited to reach this critical milestone. LabHUB™ has been in development for three years, on top of two years of code refactoring. We look forward to introducing beta testing with an outside objective audience for meaningful feedback to improve and complete our new and unique framework.”

The LabHUB™ cloud platform is positioned to be the new leader in distributed version control that is used in lab development. LabHUB™ offers the features of access control, time management, bug tracking, and software feature requests. Collaboration is facilitated through task management with the resulting benefits of automated quality assurance, WCAG 2.2 compliance, integration, and wikis for every project. The platform is intended primarily for academic users, but the company expects it will also attract interest from IT professional training centers.

About Dti Publishing

For 20 years, dti Publishing has designed and developed high quality lab simulations. It has the industry reputation as a leader in best practices for lab development, not only in coding, but also with processes and procedures. The result is excellence in interactive exercise development for uniquely efficient and reliable development platforms.

For more information visit https://dtipublishing.com/
LabHUB™ page: https://dtipublishing.com/labhub-framework/
LabHUB™ accessibility statement: https://dtipublishing.com/labhub-framework/accessibility-statement/

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