“IT_LabWorks flips the curriculum and revolutionizes how IT is taught!
This is what I have been waiting for over the last 20 years. IT_LabWorks is an earthquake in education!
Jean Andrews, PhD
IT Instructor & best selling author of A+ Certification books
“This is my fifth semester using LabConnection and I can’t imagine how I made it before LabConnection! The students love it, they get the practice, the guidance, and I get all the reports and the grading!”
Stephanie Moye, MCSE – CCNA
IT Instructor at Southeastern Technical College
LabConnection insures that the students get their hands-on experience while allowing me to analyze their progress and therefore better guide them on a personalized basis.”
Mike Stevensen
IT Instructor at Penn State University
“Provisioning access to CertBlaster directly through the LogicalCHOICE digital learning platform helps our customers provide their students with an instructor-led training experience that is meaningful and incredibly impactful to their professional development. CertBlaster ensures students are adequately equipped to achieve industry certification before investing in a live exam.” 
Bill Rosenthal
CEO of Logical Operations 
“I think that having them both [book and LabConnection] together was great. At times the lab software was more helpful to me than the book was. I also liked LabConnection much more than I like LabSim. LabConnection’s “show me” option saved me a couple times, and allowed me to see how to do something [rather] than just read how.”
Student in Windows Server class
Kentucky Community and Technical College System,
Versailles, KY
I studied using CertBlaster for CompTIA A+. It was very helpful. It was essential for me to pass the exam the first time. I also followed their ten commandments on how to pass the CompTIA A+ Exam. I would recommend CertBlaster to anyone.
Harry Li, California
Student that passed the A+ exam in 2022