LabConnection® 2.0 Online Virtual Labs

The LabConnection virtual labs give students and professionals alike, the opportunity to develop the hands-on skills necessary to succeed in whichever their area of study is. Whether new to the field or a seasoned professional, the LabConnection user will gain a level of hands-on real-life experience not possible using lectures and texts only. LabConnection offers online labs for STEM and IT skills and certification programs. It supplements many exam preparation classes and texts.

With powerful computer-based simulations, exercises and deep remediation capabilities, LabConnection™ provides a uniquely integrated complement to courses in Networking, PC Repair, Computer Security, Math, and more. It can be used both as a virtual lab and homework assignment tool. The system is SCORM and LTI compliant and provides automatic grading and student record maintenance. LabConnection supports existing online classes textbooks, and IT certification exams and offers students remediation towards both.