LabConnection® 2.0 Features and Benefits

Exercises: Includes a multitude of interactive exercises that assess and prepare the learner for the virtual labs, establishing and solidifying the skills and knowledge required to complete the lab.

Virtual Labs: Labs consist of end-to-end procedures performed in a simulated environment where the student can practice the skills required of professionals.

Guided Learning: LabConnection allows learners to make mistakes but alerts them to errors made before they can move on to the next step, often offering demonstration as well.

In-depth Remediation: LabConnection guides the learners through any errors made during the lab and provides, when applicable, a detailed remediation plan for any detected weaknesses.

Video demonstrations: Instructor-led video demonstrations teach and guide the learners step by step through the labs while providing additional insights to solidify the concepts.

Study & Challenge Mode: Two modes that are graded separately. A perfect grade in Challenge mode indicates mastery.