dti Publishing achieves WCAG compliance for its new LabHUB™ Framework

[Salt Lake City, Jan. 24, 2024] — dti Publishing Corporation, a Delaware corporation, is thrilled to announce the WCAG 2.2 compliance of its LabHUB™ lab development framework. The LabHUB™ framework which enables non-programmers to develop lab simulations achieved on January 15, 2024, WCAG 2.2 AA compliance as tested by its accessibility partner, Pivotal Accessibility LLC.

dti Publishing, renowned for its sophisticated lab simulators, has once again raised the bar by collaborating with Pivotal Accessibility LLC, who are certified experts in ADA compliance. This partnership ensures that the LabHUB™ framework is the most accessible lab simulator available for IT students and professionals.

Pierre Askmo, CEO of dti Publishing Corporation, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “With the LabHUB™ framework, we are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that are inclusive and empower everyone to use our labs. LabHUB™ enables us to partner with individuals who have diverse disabilities.”

Key features of the LabHUB™ lab development framework include:

Comprehensive Lab Simulations with realistic simulations that mirror real life situations, allowing students to familiarize themselves with the job tasks ahead.

Detailed Performance Analysis: Students receive detailed performance reports after each simulation, enabling them to identify strengths and areas that require improvement.

LabHUB™ lives in the cloud and provides the distributed version control for lab development plus access control, bug tracking, software feature requests, task management, quality assurance, ADA accessibility, integration, and wikis for every project.

About LabHUB™

The LabHUB™ framework is an Internet hosting service for software development of hands-on labs. It is a collaborative platform where whoever needs to be involved in building a lab, with or without coding skills, can make their contribution.

About dti Publishing Corp.

Established in 2001 dti Publishing Corp., a Delaware company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, is dedicated, through its various brands, to developing EdTech solutions that help enhance the careers of IT professionals. The CertBlaster® exam simulator has helped in excess of one million students succeed at their IT certification exams. As a leader in lab simulators, dti Publishing Corp. has, through LabConnection® and now LabHUB™, helped several hundred thousand students improve their skills online in our virtual lab environment. The LabHUB™ Framework is our latest development and enables non-programmers to develop WCAG compliant labs.

With a commitment to excellence and innovation, dti Publishing has been assisting individuals in achieving their educational goals for over 20 years.

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