dti Publishing is launching CertBlaster 5.1 – introducing a modernized UI, enhanced reporting, and security

The intuitive CertBlaster user interface is, in release 5.1, further streamlined. The objective of the CertBlaster® UI is to offer the best possible user experience and alleviate the need to consult any of the help pages available. We are also most excited to introduce an enhanced ‘History’ feature. The History feature saves the results of each practice session allowing the user to analyze progress over time. Because this feature allows users to track their progress over every single test preparation session, it enables them to better understand their learning curve. Furthermore, when applicable, they can share this information with third parties, notably colleagues and/or instructors. Because the History feature saves all the reports generated by each training session it enables CertBlaster® to generate the “Personal Testing Plan”, a customized remediation report that lists all the content points relevant to the exam that the candidate has shown a need to focus more deeply on.

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dti Publishing is launching its CertBlaster 5.0 release offering more mobility, data, security, and accessibility

PARK CITY, UT, UNITED STATES, January 16, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — dti Publishing Corp. is proud to unveil it’s new CertBlaster® Release 5.0, a total update to HTML5, which provides new features and capabilities for accessibility and security. Additionally, our users now have an enhanced ability to fine-tune their test preparation in a manner that matches their learning style.

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Cengage Learning partners with dti Publishing to release LabConnection under Cengage Unlimited

Cengage Unlimited is the innovative subscription plan that improves affordability in an area where student cost is getting out of control. It also improves both access and student choice. Available in bookstores and online, one student subscription includes access to ALL Cengage online textbooks and platforms including LabConnection. dti Publishing is excited and proud to be a part of this new way of serving students.

Today dti Publishing is releasing LabConnection® 4.0

We are excited to announce the release of LabConnection® 4.0. Following the web content accessibility guidelines, LabConnection® is now significantly more accessible to users with disabilities. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) sets the main international standards for the World Wide Web and its accessibility.  W3C created the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0 & 2.1) which are international. LabConnection® now conforms closely to WCAG 2.1. The two most important changes to LabConnection® are enabling keyboard strokes in lieu of mouse clicks and enhanced readability.

dti Publishing launches CertBlaster release 4.0

Today we are excited to release CertBlaster 4.0. This release brings added analytics, data collection, and an enhanced capability for interactive testing. This CertBlaster release brings its users a full exam simulation platform that not only helps them “train” for the exam but also offers them analytics that guides their studies.

For more information go to CertBlaster.

Cengage Learning partners with dti Publishing

Cengage Learning partners with dti Publishing to release its certification series in the IT_LabWorks virtual corporate world. Support tecnicians and Network engineers to be will “work” at the virtual Bonanza Mining Corporation’s IT department and learn on the job – Their virtual job. The first product released in early 2015.

We are now piloting IT_LabWorks™

The new frontier in IT Education & Training!  

Virtual worlds are rapidly becoming part of the educational technology landscape. The IT_LabWorks™ platform is the most comprehensive of these environments for IT training and certification preparation.

The first titles on this new platform are A+ 220-801 & 220-802 which are available now. Next title in line is Network+ N10-006.

What’s New for 2014?

We are preparing for the launch of our whole new virtual world: IT_LabWorks™ and the Bonanza Mining Corporation.

The IT_LabWorks™ platform is the world’s leading adaptive learning technology solution with the mission of bringing personalized IT education and training to the world. The IT_LabWorks™ platform makes it possible to build interactive course in a virtual environment that provide real-time proficiency estimation, activity recommendations, analytics, and more. The world’s largest and most inventive learning companies use IT_LabWorks™ technology to improve learning outcomes in High School, college, corporate training, and other markets. IT_LabWorks™ is recognized as a leading and innovative provider of “Technology Enhanced Education”.

LabConnection 3.0

We are preparing the launch of LabConnection 3.0! The release is scheduled for the fall and will include, among other features, the seamless integration of ExamConnection into the LabConnection 3.0 platform. This means that both the assessment and the virtual lab results will live under one account!