dti Publishing unveils the CertBlaster® exam simulator for Artificial Intelligence

[Salt lake City, Sep. 12, 2023] — dti Publishing Corporation, a Delaware-based company, is thrilled to announce the release of the CertBlaster® exam simulator for Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner (CAIP) certification, in partnership with CertNexus. This cutting-edge exam simulator is set to empower IT professionals on their journey to becoming Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioners.

CertBlaster®, renowned for its sophisticated exam simulators, has once again raised the bar by collaborating with CertNexus, the sponsor of the Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner certification. This partnership ensures that the CertBlaster® for CAIP is the most authoritative and comprehensive resource available for IT professionals preparing for the CAIP exam.

Jeff Felice, President of CertNexus®, stated, “CertNexus is committed to advancing the field of artificial intelligence and fostering the growth of skilled professionals in this dynamic domain. We are excited to partner with CertBlaster to provide a high-quality, state-of-the-art exam preparation tool that will empower individuals to achieve their CAIP certification.”

Pierre Askmo, President of dti Publishing Corporation, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “With CertBlaster®, we are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that make certification preparation efficient and effective. We are proud to release the CertBlaster® for CAIP, which is a result of our collaboration with CertNexus, and we believe it will set new industry standards for exam preparation.”

Key features of the CertBlaster® for Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner include:

Comprehensive Exam Simulations: The CertBlaster® for CAIP provides realistic exam simulations that mirror the CAIP certification exam, allowing candidates to familiarize themselves with the format and content.

Detailed Performance Analysis: Candidates receive detailed performance reports after each simulation, enabling them to identify strengths and areas that require improvement.

Up-to-Date Content: All content in the CertBlaster for CAIP is authorized by CertNexus, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with the latest CAIP certification objectives.

As the demand for AI professionals continues to grow, obtaining the CAIP certification has become a pivotal step in advancing one’s career in the field of artificial intelligence. With the release of the CertBlaster for CAIP, IT professionals now have a powerful tool to help them succeed in this highly competitive landscape.

The CertBlaster for Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner is available for purchase today on the CertBlaster website and through select authorized resellers.

About CertBlaster:

CertBlaster, a product of dti Publishing Corporation, is a leading provider of exam simulators designed to help IT professionals prepare for professional certification exams. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, CertBlaster has been assisting individuals in achieving their certification goals for over 20 years.

About CertNexus:

CertNexus is the sponsor of the Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner (CAIP) certification and is dedicated to advancing the skills of IT professionals in emerging technologies. CertNexus certifications are recognized globally and are a valuable asset for those seeking to excel in the IT industry.

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