IT_LabWorks: Pedagogy

In addition to the tools necessary to today’s pedagogy…

  • Hands-on labs and exercises
  • Step by step video instructions specific to each step of each exercise
  • Interactive quizzes
  • The digital “manual” for the foundational knowledge
  • Certification simulations per exam objective
  • Full certification exam simulations
  • Personalized study plans
  • Custom remediation plans
  • A full-featured LMS with granular reporting

…IT_LabWorks also offers:

CTEs – Critical Thinking Elements

ARPs – Analytical Review Points

IVR – Integrated Virtual Reality

The Analytical Review Points are a “stop-and-think” feature that makes the user stop and think about all he/she already has uncovered or can infer from the case study and how that should inform his/her actions

The Critical Thinking Elements makes the student part of the decision making process at various inflexion points of the case study based mission. By involving the students at these stages they are not only involved in the “how” to do but also the “what” to do and why.

Our Integrated Virtual Reality enables us to insert real elements into the virtual company such as its own website, its dedicated physical servern this enables us to offer the user a real life experience  based on a company metaphor but also real life elements.

The tools of pedagogy are integrated into the IT_LabWorks learning platform